• Pilot Interview Coaching "air-force","coaching-and-training","airline-pilots",

    Pilot Interview Coaching

    Our one on one interview coaching sessions can be done from anywhere in the world at anytime via telephone or skype. After receiving your CV and nominated airline our...
    $495.00 2 hours
  • Airline Pilot Interview Software "online-courses","books-and-dvds","airline-pilots",
    Airline Pilot Interview Prep DVD

    Airline Pilot Interview Software

    Premium Interview Package - Airline Pilot Interview Software.  Be fully prepped for your pilot interview.
  • Airline Pilot Interview Workbook "books-and-dvds","airline-pilots",
    A work book for your pilot interview preparation

    Airline Pilot Interview Workbook

    This fully interactive AIRLINE PILOT INTERVIEW WORKBOOK will guide you on how to structure your answers and deliver them in a clear, concise and professional manner.
  • Pilot Aptitude Testing "online-courses","airline-pilots","flight-attendants",

    Pilot Aptitude Testing

    "Pilot Aptitude Test"  software is the only fully featured preparation programme for individuals sitting pilot aptitude tests and assessments at airlines
  • Intensive Interview Package "air-force","coaching-and-training","airline-pilots",
    Screen shot 2010-09-11 at 2.40.37 PM

    Intensive Interview Package

    Designed for last minute interview preparation, our one on one interview package condensed.
    $345.00 2 hours
  • Simulator Assessment Training "coaching-and-training","airline-pilots",
    Over shoulder instruments

    Simulator Assessment Training

    Airlines conduct simulator assessments of their pilot candidates for a number of reasons. Certainly one area they check for is the ability to fly an aeroplane with reference to...
  • Etihad Pilot Interview Package "airline-pilots",
    Etihad Pilot Recruitment

    Etihad Pilot Interview Package

    A package designed specifically for the Etihad Pilot Interview Candidate
  • Emirates Pilot Interview Package "airline-pilots",

    Emirates Pilot Interview Package

    A package designed specifically for the Emirates Pilot Interview Candidate
    $545.00 2 hours
  • Refresher Coaching Session "coaching-and-training","airline-pilots",
    A mock scene for a airline pilot interview

    Refresher Coaching Session

    Designed for clients who have completed the One on One Interview Coaching course. This one and a half hour session is designed to refresh your interviewing skills specific to...
    $245.00 90 minutes
  • Air Force Interview Preparation "air-force","coaching-and-training",

    Air Force Interview Preparation

    After completing the Air Force Pilot Interview Preparation course you will be fully prepared for your pilot interview. You will arrive with the confidence of knowing exactly what to...