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Taking control of your aviation career can be both challenging and exciting. To take advantage of the best opportunities available, it’s important to invest in your education and understanding of the ever changing world of Aviation . Knowledge is key to successful career management.

Our team are all airline pilots or previous pilot recruiters and we know the industry well, having personally experienced the ups and downs of this industry over the years. Our mission is to see pilots successfully navigate their way through and to enjoy the benefits of a meaningful Aviation career.

All of our products and services have been tailored and designed to ensure you can make impactful career decisions and to be as best prepared for any career opportunity or airline interview process.

Flightdeck’s aim is to be the preferred one stop company for professional airline pilots around the globe.

Sasha Robinson and the team at Flightdeck.

Great value for time and money, big boost to confidence as well as knowledge, and the fact I had sought help was praised by the interviewers which was a great starting point". Many thanks for your help, please put me on the list of happy customers
JetConnect Command Upgrade
I was successful!! I knocked the panel interview out of the PARK, felt so confident and spoke so well. Chalk and cheese in comparison the my first interview a year ago when I failed. I have now passed the whole process and start in 12 weeks. Thank you again for going out of your way while on holiday to work with me, I will certainly be highly recommending Flightdeck to my friends.
I GOT THE JOB WITH QF!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve helped me to success with CX, NZ, and now QF! I couldn’t have done it without help from amazing people like you. Thank you.
Cathay PAcific, Qantas and Air New Zealand
I passed the pilot selection process, thanks so much for all the coaching. That was without a doubt, the difference. The interview was not too different from what we practiced. The fundamentals you taught me in structuring an answer helped me immensely, so I thank you for that.
I'm through to the sim. As you could imagine I'm ecstatic! I can honestly say that without your help I would never have made it this far. Your coaching was amazing and provided me with the tools and confidence to get through the assessment. What you both do is amazing, keep it up!
I GOT THE JOB! not only that but the head of HR said I was the best candidate over the 2 days of the testing and interviews, meaning I start in 3 months rather than the expected 12 - 18 months. Thank you so much for preparing me it helped so much, and since I have unsuccessfully used other preparation services in the past I can honestly say you are so much better and actually know what you're on about in comparison and if anyone asks I'm going to be sending them your way!
I got accepted by Air New Zealand!! Happiest day of my life and thank you for your massive input in me achieving the proudest moment in my life!

 The decision to hire you was the best decision Ive made!! Your insight was amazing and it allowed me to really relax in the interview which was important

. Forever thank you.
Air New Zealand