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We have answered the most commonly asked questions below. If you have any other questions please contact us.
What’s the difference between the DVD and the Online course?
The DVD is the hardcopy version of the Online Course so effectively there is NO difference between the two in terms of content.
I bought the online course now how do I access it?
Once you purchase the product you will be sent an email with a link to the virtual video page along with the softcopy versions of the extra material that is included with the product.
Do I get a hardcopy version of the booklet if I buy the DVD or Online Course?
No you don’t, you do get a soft copy version of the booklet that will be sent to you via email.
I have forgotten my username and password what do I do?
We can get that information to you straight away, so just email us through info@flightdeckconsulting.com
I can't find the LOGIN page, where did it go?
With our new website there is no specific LOGIN page that you can access from the website, email us through info@flightdeckconsulting.com to be sent the link with your new username and password to access it.
I have an older version of your booklet that I purchased a while ago, what can I do to get the new version?
At no charge we are happy to give you access to the softcopy version of the latest edition booklet. If you would prefer the hardcopy then you will have to purchase the new version at the standard price.
I purchased the Online Course, how long till I can access this?
Instantly, just LOGIN and away you go.
I bought the DVD, how long does the shipping take?
For Domestic Australia 3-5 working days. For international postage, approximately 10 working days.
I bought the hardcopy of the Booklet, how long does the shipping take.
For Domestic Australia it is sent in Express Post Overnight. For international postage, approximately 10 working days.
What product is best for me?
Possibly the best way to answer this is to explain our intentions behind each product designed.

  1. The Work Booklet. Is the overall best product for every pilot regardless of experience. If you are at the beginning of your career, student pilot, cadet applicant, fresh CPL pilot, experience GA pilot applying for airlines. The booklet guides you through every process, easy simple read that gets straight to the point.
  2. The DVD and Online Course. Designed for the pilot getting ready for airline interviews. Includes everything, the Booklet, Virtual Interviews and the added help of giving an insight into Simulator assessments, Psych testing and Personality testing.
  3. Interview Coaching. Designed specifically for those who expect an Airline Interview in the near future. The coaching also comes with the Online Course so you have access to everything.