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Airline Pilot Interview Software Package (Access Online)


Widely regarded as the best self study – pilot interview preparation available this course will give you the best possible chance of success in your airline interview.

Ideal preparation for any pilot wanting to complete their studies on their own.

The Virtual Interview Program simulates the airline interview, with the advantage of continual practice and self assessment combined with our Work Book to ensure a complete and thorough interview preparation.

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The Airline Pilot Interview Software includes:

  • Pilot Interview Preparation Software – Eight Virtual Interviews to help you perfect your interview technique.
  • Perfect for preparing for your Video Interview
  • The Airline Pilot Interview Work Booklet (Instant download)
  • Simulator Assessment Guide.
  • Psychometric Testing Information.
  • QRH handbook
  • Complimentary Email Support from professional airline interview consultants.

The pilot interview software will, over a series of eight virtual interviews put you face to face with the interview panel. In a real life environment you will be faced with over 100 of the most typical airline pilot interview questions. You are then given the opportunity to answer the question in your own time before moving onto the next question. Used in conjunction with the included Airline Pilot Interview Work Booklet the software will allow you to practice and perfect your interview technique right up to the moment of your interview.

The Virtual Pilot Interviews are an ideal way to prepare you for both a panel interview, phone or video based interviews.The Airline Pilot Interview Software can be accessed immediately on purchase and is available for you to prepare for your interview 24/7. Typically pilots spend upwards of $150,000 on their training and countless years in general aviation or other low paying jobs, only to invest little or no time on the most critical stage of their career, the airline interview.

This Course from Flightdeck Consulting has been produced and developed by airline pilots for airline pilots.

Most pilots are very good at what they do, safely operating aircraft, but perform poorly when it comes to the airline interview. Quite often they are left bewildered as to why they were unsuccessful, especially, when another pilot, with far less experience, has been offered a position. The answer; they performed better in the interview, simple as that!

Highly Recommended How it works is very clever!It’s brilliant psychology and, if my experience is any measure, the sort of questions and responses are much more likely to stick and be there for recall when needed, than they would be if you had simply, in the words of the immortal Manual, “learned it from a book” Read Full Review Flight Training NewsFlying Training Magazine UK


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Used with success with the following airlines

Qantas Group, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Australia, Jetconnect, Australian Defence Force, Jetstar, Oxford Aviation Academy, CTC Aviation, FTE Jerez, EPST, Bristow Helicopters, Bond Helicopters, British Airways, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Monarch, Middle East Airlines, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Air Mauritius, Sri Lankan Airlines, TAP Portugal, Scandinavian Airlines, Jet2, Dragonair, Fly Dubai, Air Astana, Kenya Airways, Copa Airlines, Oman Air, Darwin Airlines, Brindabella Airlines, Singapore Airlines, TigerAir, Thai Airways to name but a few.

Make an investment in your future and Be the Standout Candidate at your interview!

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