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Flight Attendant Interview Coaching Package ( Two 1hr Sessions)

$345.00 2 hours

Our one on one interview coaching sessions can be done from anywhere in the world at anytime via telephone or skype. After receiving your CV and nominated airline our professional interview consultant Sasha will prepare customized interview session’s specific to you and your airline.
Thanks Sasha, your interview coaching sessions proved invaluable!,
If your ever in Dubai look me up!- Manny, Dubai

Most Flight Attendants who have purchased our Online Course have also booked a personal one on one coaching session with our professional interview consultant Sasha Robinson. Sasha is an international airline pilot with fourteen years experience flying the A330/ A340 and holds a Bachelor Of Science majoring in Aviation. She has also worked in the aircrew recruitment department of a major international airline.

Sasha Robinson, Flightdeck’s principal interview coach

Sasha’s Clients Have A Success Rate Of Over 90%

The coaching sessions have proved to be incredibly successful and can be done from anywhere in the world via telephone or skype. The personal coaching session’s are the perfect compliment to the online package and will ensure you the highest chance of success at your interview.

When you book your session you will receive;

  • Two one hour personal coaching sessions or a single two hour session depending on your circumstances.
  • The Complete Flight Attendant Interview Course, which includes:
    • Eight Virtual Interviews to help you perfect your interview technique.
    • The Flight Attendant Interview Work Booklet download version
    • Complimentary Email Support from professional airline interview consultants.
  • Access to our up to date data base of questions currently being asked by your airline.
  • A detailed written debrief.

Other Flight Attendant Products and Services include

CC booklet 2nd edition front cover

“The Complete Flight Attendant Interview Workbook” is a fully interactive, insiders guide that will fully prepare you for your airline interview.

Chapters Include:

  • Airline Open Days
  • Meet & Greet
  • Group Exercises
  • Grooming
  • Mathematics, Geography and Personality Testing
  • Panel Interview
  • Behavioral Questions & Answers

Available in Both Hard Copy and Instant Download FREE SHIPPING

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Flight Attendant Interview Software

Included in the Online course;

  • Eight Virtual Interviews to help you perfect your interview technique.
  • The Flight Attendant Interview Work Book download version
  • Psychometric Testing Information.
  • Complimentary Email Support from our professional flight attendant interview consultants.

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