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$425.00 2 hours

Think you’ve got your interview prep down but want to put your skills to the test before the big day? Our Mock Interview Session is just what you need to ensure you’re completely ready. Step into a realistic interview environment, receive expert feedback, and walk into your interview with absolute confidence.

Book your session today and take the final step towards securing your dream job!

Whats included;

  • Two hour Mock Interview sessions, personalised for your airline.
  • The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course which includes:
    • Eight Virtual Interviews to help you perfect your interview technique.
    • The Airline Pilot Interview Work Booklet download version
    • Simulator Assessment Guide.
    • Psychometric Testing Information.
    • QRH handbook
    • Complimentary Email Support from professional airline interview consultants.
  • Latest data bank (intel) of questions currently being asked by your airline.
  • A detailed written debrief.

We are in the industry ourselves and understand the nature of rosters, so we do our best to make ourselves available to fit your schedule. We have a 100% record of accommodating our clients.