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An Insider Guide to Pass Qantas Flight Attendant Interviews

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28 Jul 2010  |  0 Comments

Qantas Airways pride itself as the Australia's oldest and largest domestic and international airline. With the iconic "Flying Kangaroo" logo, working as a Qantas flight attendant carries a sense of pride that you are working for one of the most recognisable airlines in the world.

With flights to over 173 cities and 42 countries, there are always at least a few Qantas job openings, it's just a matter of finding the right role for you. Qantas has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. That is why their tough airline interviews make their flight attendant jobs highly competitive and also highly enviable.

Before you apply for the any Qantas position, make sure that your resume satisfies the job description. You might want to go as far as specifying that you match the minimum requirements not only of having customer service experience but also that you are at least 18 years old and are at least 163 cm tall. In addition, applicants must have an Australia Senior First Aid Certificate and a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, so make sure those are stated on your resume or cover letter. Aside from that, put some athletic hobbies or sports on your resume to illustrate you can handle the physical demands of constantly being on your feet.

Qantas Airline Interviews

Flight attendant interviews at Qantas are quite stringent and follow a specified number of steps. Besides the common cabin crew interview questions, the interviewers utilise Behavioural Event interview questions to evaluate the applicants on how they handle aircraft safety and emergencies. This method is one way of determining if you have what it takes to become a Qantas flight attendant. Qantas' airline interviews follow a one-day comprehensive recruitment process that involves registration, group activities, safety information presentation, panel interview, and written activity.

Preparing for a Qantas Interview

All job interviews involve preparation. However, as you can see the Qantas interview is stricter than most airlines or job interviews in other industries. That's why it's especially crucial that you prepare as best you can. The most optimal way to do this is by investing in some professional interview coaching. There are a number of online job interview preparation firms that offer these services. When selecting what coaching service to use make sure you look at the following:

• Do they specialise or have experience in aviation interviews?
• Have they helped people find work with Qantas in the past? And,
• Do they offer multimedia tools such as DVD's so you can practise at home?

Once you have found the right firm to use, make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the interview to prepare. Not only will this give your interview coach time to work on any areas of weakness, it will also give you time to research Qantas and ensure you are brushed up on their long and prestigious history. Once you have landed a job at Qantas the doors will open to host of new international opportunities. An exciting career awaits you at Qantas!


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